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"Diacom is a team of professionals with impeccable project to the future..." (Interview with general distributor in Spain - Angel Morales)
14.08.2014 "Diacom is a team of professionals with impeccable project to the future..." (Interview with general distributor in Spain - Angel Morales)

- Good afternoon, Angel. We would like to thank you beforehand for your time to speak with us. Before initiating the interview, I will ask your permission to make a photographic record of the event in order to publish it on our official website – Diacom Technology. Thanks in advance.

It was a pleasure to meet with you for the first time some time ago, more precisely it was Diacom Conference in 2013, but till today we have not had a chance to make an interview. Very soon the company Diacom Technology will celebrate its first anniversary - 10 years. And we are interested in the history of all the people that are related to our company. Angel, tell me, please, when your story began within Diacom Technology?

- In the beginning of 2013 through my client I met with the Chinese counterfeiting production – so-called DIACOM, everything including equipment and technology were impacted, also the fact of the country of origin - China, there were nothing in common with the original equipment, the only thing the counterfeiting production offered - the poor quality of the materials, so for me it was a great opportunity to look for the original manufacturer via Internet, I was lucky enough and contacted personally the President of the company Diacom Technology - Mr. Khachatur Mkrtchyan, who was kind enough to invite me to participate in the conference in Czech Republic, to meet with the whole entire team of technicians and specialists, to visit the production factory in Neratovice and offer the possibility of distributing the Diacom devices in Spain.


- What role in your life Diacom is playing now?

- Since I started the official release of Diacom devices in Spain, Diacom began to play an important role in my life and my family.

My daily involvement with Diacom provides such a great feeling of satisfaction, made by the quality of Diacom, which appreciate not only my clients, but daily me as well.


- Your story is truly interesting, moreover I also know that you are a writer and have written a book on alternative medicine - so I have the following question – why did you decide to devote to this specialization connected with healthcare and harmony in general? 

- First of all, I am therapist and Doctor of Bioresonance Therapy NLS, my main concern has always been to improve my patients state without contraindications or side effects. When I met with the devices Diacom, I start using them to my patients and was surprised with outstanding results, so than I realized that it was necessary and important to introduce this technology to all the doctors and alternative medicine practitioners, and also it was this reason that led me to decide become a distributor of Diacom devices in Spain and now also in Portugal and Latin America.


- Each country and region in the world is different: people, culture, relationship to new technology differs as well. What can you say about the relationship of the Spanish people to new technology, specifically Diacom and NLS system?

- Spain is a country, which is very open to new technologies, more and more specialists are using devices with advanced technology like our Diacom device and especially for the reason of the good results obtained, each day there are more people who are interested more in treatment by means of our devices.


- What is the profile of your general customer?

- Among our clients, we have certified doctors who are very famous in Spain and also therapists, naturopaths, homeopaths, healthcare professionals and even individual customers, who use devices for family use.

For us, any of them, our general customer.


- Of course, you have already had enough experience to distribute devices in your region - can you tell me what were the problems you met with the first presentation the production of Diacom into the market? Do you have any recommendations how to present for the first time the technology to your client, because we all know that sometimes people are afraid of everything new and very skeptical?

- Obviously, there are customers who know the device and may be skeptical in general.

For us it is very important to create such a relationship with our client full of trust, that is why we publish on our website most of our clients, so than the future client is more confident, seeing colleagues that use this new technology or can call them if they wish to ask their opinion and also feel the support we provide.

It is also important to demonstrate what has already sold, it is very important as well for us to demonstrate to our customers the results obtained, so than the customer decides to buy the device or not.


- Usually when I have an interview, I pay particular attention to the results that have been achieved thanks to our production. Perhaps you also remember some special occasion? Diacom is an international company and has its representatives and customers almost everywhere worldwide, so it is useful to share with all of them this valuable experience... Can you remember anything interesting?

- Luckily, I could explain many cases, from my own experience and the stories of my customers. For example healing or improvement of various diseases till complete restore the sight of one eye, which was clinically unresolved and other.

Also I can say that in most cases, many clients feel an improvement, especially on issues referring to the pain in general.


- Do you keep in touch with your customer after the purchase of the device?

- Honestly, I can not imagine selling a device and not keep in touch with the customer.

For us it is very important that the client knows that in case of the necessity, they always can contact us.


- I am very interested, what do doctors think about Diacom devices?

- Luckily every day we have more doctors, who are interested in this technology.

Among our clients you can find well-known physicians (doctors), who occupy very important positions in medicine field.


- It would be interesting to know more about you, for example if you personally uses the company's products within the family? Why? 

- Obviously, I use the Diacom devices, both within the family and among friends, but because of the  lack of time, I can not always find the time for everyone.

It is true that the new technologies used by Diacom devices not only allow us to use them when there is a disease, Diacom devices help to rebalance the body in states of good health or pre-clinical stages of disease, which could prevent development of diseases, in this field we talk about preventive medicine.


- Many people buy the device for home use. And the question immediately arises -  how to provide training for those customers to enable them to work effectively with the device at home? It is so true, that regular check-in of our state is the best prevention than treatment - and there is a well known fact.

- As we mentioned above, the important thing is the prevention, hopefully most people who have a Diacom device at home, with high probability can avoid many illnesses.

Training for home use is not complicated, we give full training on the day of delivery and provide additionally a very detailed manual and training videos step by step, then we help with any doubt or information which could be required in the future.


- This year, for the first time you have participated in exbition - can you tell me a little more about this event? Why did you decide to participate? How was the people's interest?

- The truth it that I have had a very satisfying experience, for the first time we had the posibility to present the devices Diacom to everyone who came as an individual and learned about a new system of diagnosis and treatment without side effects. Then we also had the opportunity to perform tests and demonstrations to health professionals with surprising results.

We were also lucky enough to try the Diacom devices to athletes, which showed much interest and which was essential to balance throughout the body and improve the treatment of lesions.


- How do you plan to develop this expertise in the future? Do you have any plans or ideas to share with our readers?

- Honestly, my plans are further - to continue working hard, getting the technology Diacom applied to all health professionals, giving them the best service, both in training, and technical assistance and information.

And above all, work in worldwide awareness of the importance of preventive medicine.


- To summarize the results of our conversation, I'm always interested in your opinion: what will happen to the company over the next 10 years?

- Undoubtedly Diacom is a team of professionals with impeccable project to the future, Diacom constantly protects its customers, maintaining a fight against counterfeiting of its production, which can cause damage for the professionals and the clients.

It will be working tirelessly in improvements and upgrades of their production, participating in new projects and implementing new technologies and also doing everything in its primary objective - the improvement of health of the people.

Everything above mentioned guarantees a future of assured success and pride for all of us withing the family DIACOM.


«To have a reliable assistant …»
23.06.2014 «To have a reliable assistant …»

«To have a reliable assistant (Diacom-Lite-FREQ)... it is not only an advantage, but firstly and foremost in my opinion a manifestation of freedom, independence and optimism…»

(Interview with our general distributor in Czech Republic, Slovakia and Poland – Mr. Dušan Medvec)



Dear visitors of our website! As being in the heart of Europe, namely in the Czech Republic, we finally visited our general distributor in this region to enrich our series of interviews with new stories and incredible events associated with our company. We are pleased to present to your attention – Mr. Dušan Medvec and heartily to thank him for such a pleasant communication, openness and sincerity. We still have a lot to share with. Enjoy reading!


- Good afternoon, Dusan. Thank you for your time and desire. And before we begin the interview, I will ask your permission to dictaphone recording and photo documentation of today's event for the purpose of publication on the official website of Diacom Technology. Thank you in advance. Despite the fact that we are working in the same area for some time, unfortunately we have not had the opportunity to talk earlier. Today is a unique opportunity - let's not waste time. Perhaps you already know that in the near future the company Diacom is about to celebrate its first anniversary - namely 10 years, so I'm interested in the history of every "diacomovec". Please tell me you history. How did Diacom get to your life?


- This is a pretty long story, but I'll tell you shortly. In 2002 I met with the health problem of my relative, where traditional medicine could no longer help, could not precisely define an accurate diagnosis and then accordingly prescribe appropriate treatment. After a long search, I finally found someone who showed me the device AURUM 3x, and within six months the state of my relative has been significantly improved. So I bought this device for the needs of the family, and later for business purposes to improve the health condition of clients who do not find a solution of their problems in classical medicine. In 2004-2005, I met with Mr. Yuri Trojan (Editor's note: Mr. Yury Troyan - until the last day of his life was a general distributor of Diacom in Europe) than I was demonstrated the device. My interest to this technology turned into our close cooperation at the turn of 2007-2008. When firstly Mr. Yury Troyan brought a device Diacom-Lite-FREQ and showed its abilities, without thinking twice, I has started to work together. Later I met Mr. Khachatur Mkrtchyan (author's note: Mr.Khachatur Mkrtchyan – the president of Diacom Technology) and began preparing for the subsequent marketing and sales of the production Diacom.


- What role in your life Diacom plays now? Why once you have decided to devote yourself to this specialization of healthcare and a sense of harmony?


- At a certain age a person becomes aware of the importance of health, especially when fully enjoys life. To have a reliable assistant (Diacom-Lite-FREQ), and do not loose time in different medical institutions, it is not only an advantage, but firstly and foremost in my opinion a manifestation of freedom, independence and optimism. At the current moment I limit my activities in other areas and try to concentrate myself to a system that would be independent and could work without me. This year's results confirm that we are on the right track.


- For quite a long time you are our general distributor in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, and then in Poland, could you share with our readers the specifics of Czech and Slovak client? Have you noticed any similar features due to geographical and historical proximity?


- We are all Slavs, so that the are no obvious differences. But certainly, in terms of decision-making and entrepreneurial subconscious Slovaks are ahead comparing to the Czechs and Poles.


- Who is your main customer?


- Main clients are mostly people who are interested in different areas within the field of alternative medicine, healing, food additives, cosmetics ...


- Usually when I have an interview, I pay special attention to results which have been achieved thanks to our production. Maybe you remember some special occasion? Diacom is an international company and has its representatives and clients almost all over the world, so it is useful to share with all the people information, an invaluable experience... Can you remember the case at the beginning of work, and anything from the last?


- This is a great question, because good result is the best advertisement for Diacom devices. There are many histories actually, but I would like to mention, perhaps this one, which I was particularly interested in. I am going to talk about client, who had ulcerative colitis, and she had to go for surgery to remove part of the colon. After the procedure at our device using technology (method) FREQ, meta-harmonization, as well as food additives she was able to solve her problem without surgery. Of course, the client was forced to change the diet habits, but she lives a full life. My longstanding kidney problems I have successfully solved by the device Diacom-Lite-FREQ.


- Do you keep in touch with your customer after purchasing our products?


- Without maintaining communication with the customer to whom you sell the device, you immediately loose feedback, without which you can not subsequently have a positive impact on the functionality and relevance of our devices in response to the incredibly rapid pace of software development. Therefore, I welcome in this respect the initiation of a public association DIACOM CLUB WORLD.


- It would be interesting to know more details, if you personally use the company's products within the family? Why?


- I personally do not use the device for the reason that I do not belong to the category of people who would have "sit" at the device. Withint the family my daughter uses the device and my two sisters as well. Our company IMAGO D&T s.r.o. offers a comprehensive and personalized approach to the problems connected with our condition using the devices manufactured by Diacom, which can not only measure the energy state of our customers, but also can determine (on) the presence of pathogens in the body, as in the case of disease to identify the cause of these problems with the subsequent harmonization of the body. I think all of the above mentioned fully captures the essence of my relationship to technology Diacom.



- People who do not have any experience with this technology – for those, it is very difficult to explain the technology. In addition, we often meet with skeptical approach to new products or people are just afraid ... Maybe you have some useful advice, how to initiate presentation?


- I absolutely agree with you, to explain the essence of this technology is really difficult. Therefore, practice has shown that making presentations to people, who  want to buy devices Diacom, helps tremendously. But do not forget that such presentations should only be carried out by trained experienced colleagues. Also, I see great potential in the target advertising aimed at a particular group of people, as well as create our own magazine in cooperation with manufacturer and distributors DCW.


- Many people buy the device for home use. And the question immediately arises – how to provide training to enable effective and efficient work with the device at home? Indeed, regular care of our health is the best prevention than treatment itself – and it is a well known fact.


- The answer to this question I will divide into two parts. Device Diacom-Lite-FREQ for home use is solved by basic training after acquiring the device. There is no problem than with its usage. Problems arise when using the SOLO series devices within home, distributors (sellers) provide insufficient training for further use by the client. Perhaps the solution to this issue is one of the main target in 2015.


- Each year, your company together with Diacom organizes conference. This year is not an exception. Please tell me, what participants can expect from the conference this year, can you briefly share those highlights?


- The conference was organized as a kind of platform where the company sums up its work, receive information, offers, and sometimes criticism, and also defines the purpose of the activity for the next year. In my opinion, this is a very important tool to strengthen not only our job but also the work of colleagues. This year's conference will be significantly different compared to the previous year:

1) A system and exact rules in all areas - in training, in the implementation of sales, technical support. The conference will confirm this, and in some areas even clarify some aspects.

2) It will be presented in chronological order URMIUM program and its capabilities. We also describe how will be continued the expansion of its capabilities.

3) It will be the presentation of two new devices that greatly enrich the product line of Diacom.

4) We will hold the first meeting of members DIACOM CLUB WORLD.

Of course, it will be discussed other issues as well - but listed above, I refer to the crucial.


- I heard that this year there will be many guests from abroad. Tell me, what is the secret of success of your conferences, because people actuallycome almost from all corners of the Earth?


- Company IMAGO D&T s.r.o. organizes the conference to their colleagues from Slovakia, Poland and Czech Republic. I personally was at the forefront of the conference, and now it is the seventh year when we adhere to the time-tested rules relating to information and organizational component. If guests and colleagues are going to visit us from other countries, for us it will be a great honor and a positive evaluation of everything that we do. Special thanks I would like to say to the manufacturer.  


- If we go a little back to the beginning of your history - what radically changed your mind when you are just starting to work in this field? Who helped you - in fact well-known fact that any start requires some effort and care ...


- I agree with you that any start is connected with some difficulties, My way is connected with the device AURUM, where I had to learn every detail. First time in the Czech Republic I certified device and thus opened the way for similar devices that I began to investigate afterwards. Promoting Diacom products - it's a different story, where a significant support has been provided by the manufacturer, and it lasts till nowadays. For this I would like to thank Khachatur.


- What problems have you encountered?


- For me, as being a distributor, the biggest problems have been connected with the user's manuals for devices that were not enough, continue than the programs which have not been translated into the Czech language and a lack of promotional materials of devices, and what is more - there was no material which would compare competitors and similar devices and than it would be emphasized superior quality of the production Diacom. In this area, we still have to work hard, and there is something to strive to ...


- To summarize the results of our conversation, I was always interested in what do you think happens with company in 10 years?


- If I knew what would happen in ten years, I could consider myself as a genius. One thing I know for sure - without improving the quality and effectiveness of devices and software, nothing happens. Way and instruments used by the company Diacom Technology under the control of the president Mr. Khachatur, in my opinion, are correct. Continuous development, innovation, as well as forestalling from a technical point of view comparing to its competitors - great prerequisites for achieving superiority (hegemony) in this area. I hope to live up to this point in good health and I wish only success to Diacom Technology, supported by hard work. In conclusion, I would like to thank you for the interview and wish you success as well.


And we also would like to thank you for your time and attention. We look forward to the conference and our new meeting. See you soon!



Communication with our customers - Part 2!
17.06.2014 Communication with our customers - Part 2!

Dear visitors of our website! We continue our series of reports dedicated to you - our clients. Thank you very much for your cooperation and incredibly fascinating communication! See you soon again!

Lyudmila Petrovna Rozhkovskaya, 72 years old: "We met with Lyubov (Editors note: Lubov Petrovna Gamidova – general distributor of the Diacom in Russia) many years ago when there was hard time... And  besides trade was nothing to do. It was very difficult time... In Ossetia was complicated to get a job - neither as a teacher in the medical academy nor a doctor. (Editors note: Lyudmila Petrovna graduated second medical school, specialization - development of drugs - drugs and vaccines). I dedicated myself to the development and study the impact of rocket fuel on the liver and blood – it is still confidential information. During all this time I tried different specializations - head of the laboratory, the therapist worked on vitamin factory. And there I firstly heard about natural medicine. Moreover, I have a medical education and Ph.D., and than my life coursed me to the ARGO... It was in the late nineties . And we began working with drugs ARGO, and then appeared a device Diacom - Lyubov bought firstly a device and advised me to do the same. We were the first who bought devices in Vladikavkaz. After that I changed the device 3 times, and now I still have the old modification. But it works flawlessly. Thanks Diacom, I did not hide this information, and supplements I feel good. I have one kidney, one was removed when I was 56 years old, so 16 years ago it has been removed. Nobody could identify nephrolithiasis, and fully acquired kidney-shaped stone which blocked ureter. I had severe intoxication and then I was put on the operating table, but one kidney left. It was such a hard condition to my age, only because I constantly kill in the organism various bacteria and viruses, my condition is stable. 2 years ago I was in the urology,  and at the same time by the device I found a kidney cyst... I was not taken in the hospital – they said  that they would not take such patients. "And who told you that? - I was asked by the doctors. You have good analyzes". I had to lie, because I expected a skeptical approach to devices Diacom. I said that Israeli doctors diagnosed this. And if I do not remove the cyst, then I die ... In the 70 years to die is extremely early. (Editors note: Lyudmila Petrovna did not look at her years, incredibly cheerful and incredibly active, smiling and laughing when she mentions her age). And thanks to Diacom and little lies about Israel, they accept me in the hospital... Health problems I have had since childhood, I even had an exemption from physical education. I am a child of war and when I was  for 2 years diagnosed with malaria in childhood. You can not imagine how many drugs I had to drink. Well, I forget to mention one important thing – how Diacom helps me to avoid inheritance, which suffered my relatives - malignant oncology, or by other words cancer. They died early before they reach even pension: 2 brothers and a sister ... And it was impossible to save them. And I am living and feel normal. Now I am only worried about the my spine, because we grew up in uncomfortable cradles and even I have one leg shorter than the other, but it is not noticeable. Only on the hip can be determined that one just above the other. There is nothing to change, as everything must be done in a time. Now I am very grateful and thankful to Diacom. I also have a story - my son by the ultrasound was showed a tumor in the liver, and he was sent to be checked in Rostov Cancer Center. I made diagnostics by the device and found in the liver echinococcus. I provided than FREQ- harmonization, feet and hands…I did a long session... and than he urgently had to leave, I did not even manage to make detoxification. Then he called and felt not good - headache, pain... But when next time he visited the hospital - in Rostov he was confirmed that the diagnosis was wrong. And now all his colleagues wish to be diagnosed by the device Diacom, to check the condition of the body. I advised centers that work with devices Diacom. Now I regularly verify the condition of my son. He wishes to do that... It is unbelievable. But for sure, it is very hard to tell and convince people that the Device truly helps… I always say, that it's science, not a miracle. Medical Academy is interested in this technology and even the rector of the Academy is interested in alternative therapy. In some advanced universities already begin to explore natural products on the last courses - Supplements and other  ... And here's another story I remembered - woman was diagnosed with inoperable cancer of the uterus fourth degree. Besides this she had the strongest cough, day and night. This woman was suggested to come to Lyubov Petrovna (Editors note: Lyubov Gamidova - general distributor of Diacom in Russia). Lyubov began to kill viruses and bacteria which were in the lungs. Of course, she could not cure cancer – it was 4th stage yet. But she made that a woman stopped coughing. Cough was gone. Then she went to Rostov and in MRI there was no metastasis, and then the uterus has returned to normal. Bleeding stopped and she was operated. Than she went out to work, then they purchased drugs and have themselves treated ... In this case the united effort helps this woman and Diacom as well. I can say this with confidence, because I am medic and because everything happened on my eyes. And one more story – the profesor came for a visit and did not previously told nothing about his condition. The man had cancer - lung metastases. His daughter is a leading specialist in Rostov Research Institute of Oncology and there he was treated. He was inoperable because it was metastasis circle everywhere. When he came to me, he felt extremely poorly – strong cough. I stopped him cough... and he still teaches at the Academy of Medicine, recently he has visited us. Besides metastases and inoperable tumor, he had streptococci, different sticks. I do not remember exactly –it was 2 years ago. He stopped coughing and continues enjoying life ... "


Dzgoev Kerman Kubadievich (we were talking with his wife - Dzgoeva Lyudmila Petrovna): "My husband -Dzgoev Kerman Kubadievich,who is graduated as physician and as a surgeon and was working in medicine for 45 years. In 1996, his health condition was deteriorating, but the signs of sickeness already appeared during the year: in 1995, he apparently fell already ill, but because he was physically strong and healthy at the time, he tried not call attention to this. At that time he was not working in medicine anymore, just helped his son in the workshop. But with time to go to work became harder and harder. Husband as being for long period of time in medicine assumed, that he already had sepsis. What expressed his current condition? In concentration, he became distracted by many thoughts, walking becomes harder and harder, scattering, extreme pain in the muscles, without the help of family, he did not even get up. And if not sorry for the family - such pain he would have not felt anymore... My husband proposed to find the a strong antibiotic which contains a quinone. We began to look for these drugs, but it turned out that these ones were removed from production. And eating another antibiotics we were afraid. At that time I personally use the products of the company ARGO and decided to call for an advice to Lyubov (Author's note: Gamidova Lyubov - general distributor of Diacom in Russia), who knew more about production. Lyubov firstly offered to my husband to make an assesment, so than to find the right treatment. Husband at the time was 74 years old, and the doctors said that the problem is in age, the climate is bad as well. And there is no amount necessary of vitamins which could help him. Luba urged to come and carry out assesment by the device Diacom. I was not sure that my husband would agree - because at that time he could not even stand alone. We offered him to visit the center. Husband flatly refused to go because he did not believe that it could help. After another couple of days condition was deteriorating, and he decided to come to the IC ARGO ... With difficulty we came and fully trusted Lyubov Petrovna. After the initial assesement was established - borreliosis. Lyme disease in spine. Everything was covered by spots and it was obvious that within a year we did not notice the bite. Intensive work started, and I must say that somewhere in the third session he felt improvement. He felt the change after the first time, but was afraid to say. We comply with all instructions that we were prescribed. He could even go down the stairs on his own. Attention was focused. The mood has improved. We passed the 10 sessions, and then took a break. Then we repeated the course. Borrelia began to retreat, the condition improved. Within 2-3 years with two month intervals downward. At the end of the 5th year we have already let themselves every six months to come to the sessions. My position is improved by the fact that my neighbor Evangelia decided to purchase the unit for his son. We periodically visit her when the condition of my husband worsened, with the consultation of Lyubov. And for the control we have traveled directly to Lyubov Petrovna. It is certainly a miracle. With time the improvement of my husband became already visible with help of the device. My husband began to understand the program, its interpretation... Luba greatly helped us. She explained a lot the technology, for a doctor it was not easy at all. Nevertheless, there was a constant dialogue and husband loved it. Subsequently opinions of Lyuba and my husband, who was a physician, were identical in terms of assesment and treatment choices. Doubts of my husband disappeared. This communication continues even for today. What we have experienced and what we get returning husband, father of the family to workable condition,  back a taste for life, family assistance. Today he is  80 years old, we realize that a lot goes on decreasing. But the condition in which he found himself before meeting with Diacom defies comparison. Visible contrast! Youth has not returned, but the state is good, stabilised ... He again goes to work, helps at home, on the farm, loves to talk on various topics, and it was previously closed and focused on his pain, recalls his practice. I would recommend to all my friends this technology, because it is a science that really works ... And special thanks to Lyubov for her selfless approach to the work, time and attention ... many of my friends and acquaintances have also been asseses and even purchased than a device. And were very happy as me... "

Vangelia Andonova: "It was so - my child can be attributed to the category of people who are often sick. And from 7 years the situation complicated by the fact that we began to ache purulent angina. Initially it was regularly - every 3 months. Standard treatment is antibiotics, as you know. And later we fell into some dependency and already became sick every month. The child was at that time 8 years old. I met with Diacom by chance – I met my neighbor who shared her experience and how the device has helped to solve the problem with her husband. And I also decided to apply to the Argo Information Centre. Being in a state of utter despair, changing attitude to everything, this technology was not an exception. Trying to grasp at straws, and just hope. Once again, when we get sick, we have an appointment with Lyubov Petrovna (Author's note: Gamidova Lyubov - general distributor in Russia) and initiated an assessment. After that, I will not say that we fully stopped getting sick, because it is a very neglected issue. We applied many times, but knowing the specifics of the situation - when a child under 40 temperature it was difficult to visit the center. So I decided to buy the device and learn to work with it. Already it is 2.5 years since I bought the device. To the doctor we have to apply much less. What can I say – miracle did not happen that my son stopped getting sick completely, but i tis important to mention - that over time the immune system is strengthened, it is certainly. Also, I noticed that with regular treatment by device - body began to recover faster. What do I mean? For example we get sick, and we have chronic tonsillitis, I can say with certainty that any viral infection then turns into a festering sore throat. To use device at home, it seems to me that it is desirable knowledge about the medical basics ... I am an engineer and this technology is very close to me. From my own experience I will say this, there are people who are gullible and easily influenced, respectively, they are involved in all that is offered to them. Such people tend to lack proper understanding of what they really want and they want a miracle. Health is - certain kind of work, a person can not be healthy, while doing nothing for it. Because in addition to FREQ-harmonization sessions, you must follow a certain mode - nutrition and vitamins, and do it all regularly. Another category of people is suspicious, and there is no chance to convince them. They will never try nothing new. People who are in despair have completely different attitude to everything ... My situation is a good example. Therefore, I believe in it and when I saw first positive results, I was happy ... not to try - not to know. And I would like to add - if you detect a problem on early stage, then it can be absolutely no problem to solve. Usually, people come with already chronic diseases – in this case you need time, patience and effort. The main problém of people is – they want to  solve the problem immediately. And it is important to remember – to do everything in time, because prevention is always better than cure... "

Zimaleto Lukyanova: "My history with Diacom started when my mother got sick with tuberculosis. And during 6 months doctors said that she has oncology disease and she should not be treated, moreover she is old and it is almost impossible to help her. This happened two years ago. Once she was in onkology hospital, it was found that she had tuberculosis. And from my neighbor I learned about Diacom. She was in the hospital and I took her to visit Lyubov. After passing a few sessions and taking dietary supplements, the condition has improved, although my ​​mother was predicted the death; and now three years have passed – she still works in the garden. She is 81. Medications that mom took in the hospital make problems to her liver. Subsequently, we purchased the device DIACOM-SOLO-FREQ-Personal and we use them at home. Besides mom, dad was diagnosed with sclerosis and adenoma. And he felt great pain. Ultrasound showed adenoma, but doctors said that such pain is not familiar to adenoma. But the did not find the reason of such a pain. After the 4th session ( I did it only for 2 minutes ), the pain began to disappear. Adenom ais still there, but he had an infection that we have cured. Now he feels much better. About Diacom it is worth talking on my example, otherwise it will be extremely skeptical approach. For example, my nephew once had high fever and the doctor diagnosed angina, and gave her antibiotics. His mother did not trust Diacom device. He started taking antibiotics, but the temperature did not fall down. And I offered to come to Lyubov and the boy was discovered herpes - herpes angina. At first I did not believe it myself, and tried to do FREQ- harmonization on herpes and the temperature fell down ... There was an incident with another boy who had the strongest allergy and who also the device helped. I am talking about a small device, but it can also operate successfully with and can help improve our health... And now I put the experiment on myself – I have breast cyst, I went to onkology and initiated drink medicaments. And my condition worsened. Then I learned that there is frequency of breast cysts. And for about a week, I made regularly harmonization... now it is too early to say about any results. But I certainly will let you know. If we manage to beat the disease - it will be a miracle."


Sophia Gazzaeva (talks about her mother): "Eighteen months ago, my mom decided to visit IC ARGO by the recommendations, my mother had a heart problem - she was replaced mitral valve. After the first session, the heart hurt less, and consequently we purchased the unit, I'm trained to work with it and periodically check the condition of my mother. After the second or third session was visible improvement. Mom is 47 years. The first time we came together with my mother and I was very curious about what is behind such a device, how it works. Lyubov explained everything to understand better - and I began to treat and make diagnostics to my realtives. My Aunt, for example, had a problém with liver - and we quickly eliminated the cause of the pain, the other – she had problems with the intestine – I also offered treatment. And despite the fact that we were treated not for a long period time – the result was noticeable."



"Tell me, doctor..."
11.06.2014 "Tell me, doctor..."

Interview with Dr. Galya Dacheva.


We continue our series of interviews with "diacomovci" – people who are directly related to our company. This time we visited sunny Bulgaria, namely the town of Gorna Oryahovitsa. We were in a hurry to meet our long-standing and truly client and just a good friend of Diacom. We met in a general hospital, where for a long time Dr.Galia Dacheva is working. And that's what we were able to find out in such a short period of time ...


 - Good afternoon, Galya. I am very pleased to meet you, this meeting was in reality long-awaited. Before I start a conversation with you I would like one more time to thank you for your time and attention and ask your permission to dictaphone recording and photo documentation of today's interview.


 - I do not mind, only with your permission I will speak Bulgarian. (Author's note: Galya spoke pretty good Russian, but the Bulgarian is still familiar to her, and we a little understand BulgarianJ, but in case of necessity we have been assisted by interpreter in case not to miss important details.)


  - The first important anniversary of Diacom is approaching, and I would like to hear your history? Do you remember your first meeting with the company?


 - My history is pretty simple - about the company and the products of Diacom I learned through the Internet, and then we have been visited by the president of the company - Khachatur Davidovich Mkrtchyan, it was about 6 years ago. And than I started to investigate the device, how to use it.


 - Your case is truly unique, being in the hospital is particularly interesting to have a conversation with a doctor, that is like no other can make the most objective evaluation of the relevance of devices in medical practice? Tell me, which role plays the device in your medical practice?


 - Before answering the question, I would like to say further - it is very desirable than doctors will work with devices, people who are directly related to medicine. After all, such knowledge and skills help more deeply and comprehensively to find out the relationship inside our body. In other words - it allows us to understand why the device shows some crucial information with a particular predisposition to the disease, its origins ... In addition, the device can produce a comprehensive survey of the entire body and then in dependence on the results obtained to visit a concrete doctor by his specialization, profile.


 - You've already mentioned more than once that you are working with the device for a long period of time and I dare to assume that you have a lot of interesting stories that will certainly be interesting to our readers – would you mind to share with us?


- For sure, I have lots of stories, but I did not remember all of them. Let me share one the last ones - I remember there was a boy who had a neurological disease, doctors could not determine the cause. He lost consciousness, had strong attacks and nobody did not know how to reduce the pain. He had to drink the strongest medicaments... A device found in the mouth amalgams, so it was necessary to eliminate them. But since they were there for a long period of time, everything was severely intoxicated. After removal of the tooth fillings with amalgams, the state was definitely improved - but because it was about the old tooth fillings, the process has provoked intoxication in oral cavity. Another case that I would like to mention - 2 children who had pharyngitis, and the strongest mucus in the lungs, the bacteria. Every two months they were in the hospital and took medicine ... (which fatally damaged the microflora of the body). Prospects for such patients, of course, are not good and they had a bad prognosis of their condition. Things could turn than into pneumonia. After the diagnostics on the device, it was found bacteria that provoked the disease and it was started FREQ-harmonization immediately. And the kids felt better - the device destroyed harmful bacteria without the heavy procedures and after some time, the children managed to recover ...


- Tell me please, what is the attitude of Bulgarians to alternative medicine? Often we meet with a very skeptical approach, especially when we are talking about the innovation, which Diacom production is .


 - Bulgarians are really interested in innovations, especially when it refers to the healthcare. Due to a number of problems in the field of health and medicine, a shortage of doctors in Bulgaria and thus it is not always possible to get to the right specialist ... Therefore, people are looking for alternative ways that can help improve the state of health. As for the problems - I can say that initially it is difficult even to get in the hospital, and then difficulties appear during treatment. In my opinion we are currently faced with a very superficial approach to patients as deeper analysis is expensive and not everyone can afford it themselves - hence medical errors ... And the main thing here is correctly from the very beginning determine the direction of treatment... because the mistake made is incredibly complicated to fix later ... So Bulgarians only welcome such methods.


 - As an experienced user, please advise, how to start the acquaintance with this technology, how to introduce to the future user this type of research and not to frighten him? How to explain in simple terms what is the NLS and how it differs from classical medicine?


 - I have no problem with that - my clients find me by themselves and frankly speaking it is an extremely high demand. Unfortunately I have lack of time and I can not make diagnostics on the device for more than one person per day. I thought to dedicate myself to this area, but as I mentioned before we do not have enough doctors – so I try to combine both of these specializations. Indeed, such a diagnostics is completely painless and harmless and for people who are familiar with the laws of physics there is no necessity to explain the essence of technology. As being a doctor I am convinced that this method is completely harmless, as an evidence of this fact is an ascending interest of my colleagues to this method.


 - In your opinion, what are the main benefits of bioresonance therapeutics? What new opportunities does it open?


 - The main advantage is for sure - the determination of the presence of bacteria and viruses in the body, which is extremely important today, when the body no longer responds to antibiotics due to its frequent use ... In addition, the same antibiotics cause allergic reactions or side effects and here it is necessary for alternative solutions.


-             =    What are the disadvantages of this method in your opinion?


 - I still work in the old version of the programme, the new one should be more advanced. In addition, I use only 40% of the program's features, and do not have time to learn new ones, which offers an updated version.


 - Can you recommend to the other doctors this technology? What is your opinion about the use of the devices at home to maintain regularly the condition of the body and its further prevention?


 - People in general are different, and the doctors’ approach is not an exception and we will find those who absolutely do not accept this technology because of the novelty, lack of knowledge. It's not traditional medicine, which is used, but really a relatively new direction ... However, there is a positive response of the colleagues who often send me their patients for the initial examination and then it helps to select the right specialist.


-          = Tell me, what is in average length of life in Bulgaria? What diseases and problems we can meet more often than others, and what is typical southern countries with such in general favorable and comfortable climate?


 - Unfortunately, the trend is - male life expectancy is about 74 years, for women - 76 and these figures are getting even worse every year. Summarizing we can say that life is reduced by an average of 5 years. More likely occur cardiovascular diseases and cancer ... in 30 years we can meet strokes. Some years ago it was not like that... As for cancer - this applies not only to heredity, but also other factors as well. Breast cancer in women is a very frequent issue, which is worth paying attention to. The main reason is stress. It provokes diseases. Being in a stressful condition in the body the protective functions are blocked and the immune system weakens. If the body is in good shape - it fights and prevents healthy cells turn into cancer ... Stress - the main instigator, because in the past there were crises and toxins, and environmental pollution as well. Stress also blocks the immune system, and cancer at this time is cheating the system. Unfortunately.


 - To sum up our conversation, I would like to know - in your opinion, what is the future of the company Diacom?


 - For long period of time I am working with Diacom devices, which really help to solve a lot of problems associated with our health. However, in my opinion it is still not enough information available and the absence of a medical certificate which could open new possibilities for the devices in the hospital. After all, we see that it really helps, but sometimes people do not understand why? So it should be paid attention to this issue and it should be provided more opportunities and information support...


Of course, we could not ask all the questions - and it was impossible even to do. Life experience of Dr. Galya Dacheva is really rich in interesting cases that confirms our conversation today. Galya – is an incredibly friendly, hospitable and interesting person, and we sincerely hope that it was our first, but not the last meeting. After all, we always have something to ask - and you, of course, have always something to share with our readers. Thank you very much again for such a fascinating conversation and we hope to see you soon!


Communication with our customers!
05.06.2014 Communication with our customers!

Dear visitors of our website, as we said earlier, our official visit to our general distributor in Russia was truly "rich" on interesting news, for the first time I had a chance to communicate with our customers, and it seemed, from all corners of Russia. Of course, we have many stories and we are happy to offer our series of articles devoted for you - our client. We really care and interested in how was your life after meeting with the company Diacom and we always look forward to hearing from you! I am pleased to share with you our little report. The main question was very simple: "Tell us your story ... " A special thanks to each collaborator for pleasant communication, as well as for personal data and photos. Enjoy reading!

…The main goal was to share this genuine truth of every story - just as we heard it, so we edited just few language moments ... Perhaps that is why these stories are full of life even through words on the paper...


Vorobyova Victoria (she is talking about her little daughter), the diagnosis - acute leukemia: "I ​​found the Center by the recommendation of my friend, that time I had a newborn son – just 17 days, when we firstly came here. Since then we have been coming here regularly; a year ago (2013) in April (vaccination Mantoux we made ​​in December 2012) and after the New Year approximately in February, March started falling hemoglobin, in April we came to the conclusion that hemoglobin was 50, 2 transfusions... We are from Mozdok, we were discharged from the Mozdok hospital, then we came to Vladikavkaz to the ward of Hematology, next step was taking away my child and we finally came here. We were discharged with the diagnosis - acute leukemia. Doctors offered only transfusion and in Vladikavkaz  the same - transfusion, chemistry, radiation therapy... I tried to find out the reason, I was said nothing (doctors said if they knew the reason, they started doing something…) At the time the child was 4 years old. 2 days after the FREQ-harmonization the condition of the child started improving. If I was not sure in Lyubov Petrovna (Editor's note: Gamidova Lubov Petrovna – the general distributor of the Diacom i Russia), I would never come here. Now all indicators and analysis are normal. At the hospital we were no longer staying, we only visit local doctor. We took assays, have done all the examinations. I now recommend to all my friends this method, although, of course, I see that people do not believe in it, it is an extremely skeptical approach. It should be more information available ... But I am very grateful to this technology." (on the official forum of the  website of you can read the story by finding the author under the name Vorobyova Victoria).


Tsuraeva Dzhulleta, date of birth - 1940, the diagnosis - atrial fibrillation, chronic bronchitis: "I was treated for 2 years by professors, not just doctors and never felt better ... So many medicaments I had to drink ... And it took last 2 years. Recently I passed full inspection again - all analyzes and again nothing ... And at this point I was so angry that just decided to come here (Editor's note: IC ARGO "Flora") – well, it could not be worse… but if they help, it will be great. Medication at that time I had already categorically refused to drink, and the same thing with the visits to the doctors. I was recommended this place by two my friends and I believe them, because they at that time had already undergone treatment (daughter treated papillomas). And after the first visit I do not regret - I feel better and I'm sorry that I lost so much time and money ... I can not believe that, but after 2 days I felt finally better ... I am here today for the fourth time and I believe that I will be even better... "


Karina Melikosyan: "I had a pretty long story connected with the company Diacom Technology and its production. How it all began? My youngest girl is engaged vocals before she was constantly sick; in this regard, we often bought all sorts of drugs, drugs that increase immunity - we are talking about immunostimulants. Usually, we took these drugs and at the time of taking the last pill girl immediately fell ill. Probably a familiar story? (reference to the author) Then we met with Diacom and firstly came to Lyuba and tried to be treated, because, of course, my girl wanted continue with academic vocals and with a sore throat, as you know, this is almost impossible. It all happened about 5 years ago. After a visible improvement, I decided to buy this device to use it at home, because it really helps a lot. Soon we were able to buy it. Now it is at home. Girl besides singing and studying, she even learned to work with this device (Diacom-Lite-FREQ). Last year, she treated many people. Now she is studying in two educational institutions. She continues to study singing in the College of Arts and at the University at the Faculty of Psychology, so now she works less. She has extensive experience and a lot of interesting stories, which she has already shared on the official forum of the  website of (Editor's note: You can read the story by finding the author under the name Eleanora). I also shared my experience on the website - last year I got very sick, it was winter. My condition was very bad. I just did not remember a time I was that seriously ill for the last 20 years. The device was already at home. I was treated for it 3 times a day at home - in the morning, afternoon and evening. My daughter helped me with this. On the third day I went to work. I could go out and already on the second day, but high blood pressure is not allowed to do this. The fact that I could enter the third day - this was certainly a big benefit. I would like also to share my attitude to META-effect, earlier my attitude was very skeptical; but everything changed after one occasion - we have a relative who lives in Kislovodsk (Editor's note: the city close to Vladikavkaz in Russia), our son in law - my sister's husband. He has epilepsy. And one summer we visited them, he got up in the morning and apparently felt an attack coming soon. He told his wife about this, she told us than. And I asked my daughter to do anything using the device. And she provided META-effect against approaching attack. Person felt better. Attack did not appear. After a few sessions of META-effect he started work doing physical work - building the base of the gate, real hard work under the sun, and there was no attack. It was really a miracle. After this I believe in the efficacy of the META- effect. Just not to forget - a little bit about the team - Diacom truly unites us, I can not say this about absolutely all the people, but most of them. Someone who goes through harmonization, subsequently decides to purchase the device ... and these new owners as a rule become our family as well as our clients in the Center."





Aziz Gamidov (chief technical specialist-engineer): "My story connected to Diacom began in 2008, while I was transferred to the extra-mural department and was in search of work; and at first I worked in the IC ARGO as operator-consultant (thus I passed all the required courses associated with this specialization), it was 2005. This time in our center were devices like NLS and I was very interested in them... And then the president of Diacom - Khachatur Mkrtchyan visited us, introduced us to its production. For this production I was interested even more (author's note: we were talking about the model of the device Diacom-Lite-FREQ and its modifications), these products seemed to be more "advanced" than the domestic similar production. I was training, different people have helped me in this, and eventually I mastered sufficiently from the side of technical component and have already begun work in this specialization ... I love it here, and I am happy to work in this field for a long period of time ... As for the technology and its further introduction - it will always be both positive and negative feedback. Always - one can like it, another - not. Of course, it is desired user awareness before purchasing the device –it is necessary to know from a scientific point of view what it is the technology, to learn it in detail. I would recommend this technology to those people who do not want to spend a lot of time for making different testings and passing a number of specialists in order to verify the general condition of the body,  I would rather recommend to try bioresonant micro-frequency scan, which will take up to one and a half to two hours and will be obtained than pretty clear «picture». We tried to focus more to "parasites" because people come with complaints in this area. Since that usually begins acquaintance with the instrument, and if people are interested in the technology even further - than usually we are talking about learning and acquiring the device for personal use. After initial examination, we offer to come to the FREQ- harmonization. I personally use the same device, but mainly if I fell some discomfort, health problems. As for the future of the company globally - judging by the pace of current development we can say about the great future. The company will move very far, this fact has already been evidenced by the numerous Chinese fakes of Diacom devices ... "(author's note: I have noticed the incredible hard work and willingness to help, even after hours and on matters unrelated to the specialization ... the job, which makes Aziz  is certainly extremely important and responsible).


To be continued ...


“Diacom in every home!” Interview with our general distributor in Russia - Gamidova Lyubov
03.06.2014 “Diacom in every home!” Interview with our general distributor in Russia - Gamidova Lyubov

Interview with our general distributor in Russia - Gamidova Lyubov

It is the second day of my trip to the welcoming city - Vladikavkaz, and finally I have an opportunity to take the long-awaited interview with our general distributor in Russia - Gamidova Lyubov.  I have so many questions, because I want to know everything, and to share with our readers all the most interesting - that real life, which reigns in this incredibly cosy and comfortable place and invaluable experience gained over the years.


-       = Lyubov, good afternoon. First of all I would like to thank you for the time you have found for this long-awaited interview. At the first meeting unfortunately it was unable to talk with you a little longer (note from the author: first meeting was held at the annual international conference of Diacom in the Czech city - Hradec Kralove) - so now we try to catch up everything missed. The first serious anniversary of the company is approaching, could you please tell me your story? How life  connected  you with this company?


-      = Everything took place in 2008, when I firstly “met” with device Diacom, because Khachatur visited our city (note from the author: the president of the company Diacom Technology – Mr. Mkrtchyan Khachatur). Then we worked at our center with a magnetic resonance device "Oberon", and of course, when I saw the products Diacom and compared them, I noticed a very big difference, and immediately bought it. And till now I never regret about this decision. We immediately removed "Oberon" from our center, as we found that this model is no longer relevant to our time. But for sure it was needed at the beginning and served as a kind of bridge for the further development in this direction ... I can`t say nothing bad about Oberon, because I'm still grateful to the technologists who once gave me this unit. It allows me to go ahead and develop in this direction. The Diacom devices have different programs, which have no analogues still nowhere in the world. In addition, at that time we were familiar with "Baleom" and "Vector" ... All these devices can not competing with Diacom. I made ​​the choice a long time ago, giving preference to these devices, and I love them very much.


-       = For a long period of time you are a general distributor in Russia and CIS countries, moreover you are a general manager of an accredited Information Centre (IC) ARGO "Flora +", the regional representative of the state program "Healthy nutrition of healthy nation" in the Republic of North Ossetia-Alania, and you are a member of science community of natural medicine, specialist-nutritionist ... I think, despite the already decent list - this is not your limit. My next question arises – where do you find time for everything? Proper time management? Maybe there are some secrets of the right timing you can share with us?


-       = I will start from afar and tell you how devices Diacom have helped and still help me. At the time of purchase, I have already had IC ARGO "Flora +", so it was an acute question of promotion of this particular production. I mean, competent and qualified promotion - it is an integral part of the turnover. Familiarity with the device opened for me many new opportunities thanks to the interactive key selection, which allows to consider the individual needs of each person and help them as much as it is possible to correct their condition... So for a competent products ARGO selling, I concluded contract with the "Siberian Federal Health Center" – SFHC, where till nowadays I am the regional representative of North Ossetia-Alania. This collaboration has opened up new possibilities, namely the implementation of certified products with complementary techniques, which provides for us a health center, and already the selection of products helps me to apply Diacom, so it has become an integral part of my job. So I gathered together three activities into one. And I reiterate that I am very fond of these devices, and began recommending them to my colleagues, soon I started to contact people from other cities - in most cases, those who work with the products of ARGO. After all, this company is certified in Russia and has directly supported by the state. We are talking about people's invigoration program where the devices Diacom help us a lot...


-      = As a member of Diacom team, I am working pretty short period of time, but already I have heard about your successes, which failed to reach anywhere in the world. I am talking about this terrible diagnosis for any woman as infertility or childlessness. Could you please tell me more about this.


-       = I am always amazed at the possibilities of the Diacom devices, which are primarily determine the state of health of the body – help to find out the actual state even before the exacerbation, deterioration. In this regard, I would like to mention the program - "Health protection of the healthy people". At some point, people started to come to us, firstly it was just about people with complaints, and then, simply those, who are coming for prevention research, advance care about the state of their body. People are interested in, and we are able to help, make recommendations based on many aspects, including: genetics, organs to which attention should be paid in advance. So we began to treat the people who had problems directly with childlessness. In this field we have achieved the first surprising results: it turns out, that often antibiotics that our patients used throughout their lives provoked in the organism Candida, different fungal formations that blocked the Fallopian tubes (often women have), the seed channel (relates to men) - all this led to infertility. Women bring their analyzes, men brought their owns, and they were diagnosed with “azoospermia” - (absence of the spermatozoons in the sperm liquid), so people lost their hope. They were at the center of family planning, but after staying with us from 5 to 20 days - almost all now have healthy children. It is amazingly simple and easy - to remove by  frequency influence micro-organisms that are found in these bodies, and the body is later recovering itself. In addition, we also recommend herbal medicines that help detoxify the body and recommend healthy diet and active lifestyle. So now I can say that at this stage we have more than 30 children, which were born by completely infertile people who before coming to us planned to do IVF fertilization. Once again - the country gets healthy babies (author's note: Lyubov not conceal her joy, mentioning this fact), well, we could otherwise improve the demographic situation.


-       = For people with no experience, it is extremely difficult to explain the technology. Also, sometimes, people are extremely skeptical of the innovations, they simply have fear. Could you share with us, what start introduction with? How to set up a man “on the right wave”, direction?


-       = Normally, clients come to us and ask what it is. I say this: my goal - to assess the condition of your body, hygiene and overall vitality. At the same time I do not touch any of your organs, I only diagnose the presence of spoilage microorganisms, which must be combated. In some ways, I compare our body with the perfect musical instrument, where the leading is our heart, which plays a key role, and the other organs also have their own specific frequencies and functions... educated person certainly knows what is Bioresonance and understands what it is and how it works. People are very satisfied with this method. As a fact, there have been no cases that would displeased with the result. But it is important to note, that emotional state of every person's mind and spirit plays a key role as well, this aspect person should handle himself; the device itself in our practice has a very positive impact. Those people who made FREQ-correction, then do not get sick, rises markedly their immune system and overall emotional and physical condition. Parents of children returned to us with words of gratitude. There were even cases when kids were urgently brought from afar just for a short period time, so we helped them. I remembered one situation with a child from Mozdok (Russian city), which had “wheezing”. We found Kingella, child later after properly coordinated and integrated treatment recovered. Again - it's easy, affordable and safe.


-      = Lyubov, many people buy devices specifically for home use. In this regard, the question arises – how to acquire the necessary skills to further right and which is more important effective work with the device, with the aim of scanning and assessing the body state within the family, to maintain hygiene of the body promptly. After all, prevention - is the best way of protecting our health than just treatment...


-       = Our system is designed so that people who buy the device may visit our center at any time, completely free, where they have a unique opportunity to observe and gain necessary experience. We also organize group activities and seminars, as well as individual consultations. We are talking about a fairly long process, there are people who come for 3 years for consultations, who are interested in deeping their knowledge... Another category of people who want to work directly with the devices and make it their profession, we have doctors who are engaged in private practice or individual entrepreneurship. This category of people go through another training program - 80 hours of training. For example, it may be 10 days, 8 hours per day... So we work from 10 am to 6 pm. We are compiling a program that includes both group and individual lessons for 2 hours. The rest of the people are watching, how we work with our clients and eventually even assist us. We represent them as our assistants, giving firstly simple tasks, then more complicated ... and then they leave us happy with a feeling that they become trained professionals, but that's not all. We are constantly in touch with our clients via the Internet, SMS, calls, as well as they can come to visit us. We talk about truly long-term support.


 -Recently, the conference was held in Vladikavkaz, where the President of the company came – Mr. Mkrtchyan. Could you briefly tell us about the conference program. Are you satisfied with the results obtained, did you reach everything you wish to do, when will be the conference next year?


-       = Conference at such a level was for the first time, the president of the company visited us – Mr. Mkrtchyan, for us it was a great honor and joy. Many of my clients wanted to meet with him personally. Before his arrival I told a lot about him, we often communicate via Skype and sometimes people pass exams to him... This was partly the reason to organize a conference. The first day we had a meeting and were invited all interested in this technology, in the end we had about 45 people. The Conference took place at the Institute of Teachers Advanced Studies. The second day was devoted to training seminars where Mr. Mkrtchyan gave a very good practical platform for specialists and professionals in the field of the program Urmium. After this was a discussion. Most of those, who participate were experts, who were preparing to pass exams to receive an international certificate as a specialist who have undergone 80 hours of training. In general, the conference was successful and well organized, people got the necessary documents, they were certified and were satisfied with the organization. Impressions were indelible, special attention was paid to the company's future plans, which are truly global... People were very excited and understand that it is possible and available to communicate directly with the manufacturer. The company rapidly expands and evolves internationally... Diacom “seeds” peace among people and unites them. Professionals should share their experience - because everything is done for the benefit of the people, and we are always for peace. The company brings health literally in every house. Therefore, we remember with great warmth to this conference and train new specialists.


   =  Logically, the question arises- will you organize the conference next year?                


-      =  I think so. And probably we will organize it in another Russian city, if opportunity arises.


-       = Lyubov, you are our general distributor in Russia, in which cities today we find regional representatives, and what part of our vast country is still unreached?


-       = Regional representatives we have in the Far East presented by Fliora Koraeva, now she just went to Khabarovsk in the Far East – she is actively expanding the opportunities for further development. In Irkutsk you will find our regional representative - Knyazeva Natalia (she also represents Siberia), in Central Russia there are Gulia and Azat Betretdinovy ​​- husband and wife, our very good specialists, Klimkova Elena covers the Volga region and Central Russia. In St. Petersburg  we also have representatives - Terpogosovy Larisa and Tigran – they help a lot. Outside Russia – Belarus, for example,  where we have representatives - Yakovenko Nina, Kazakhstan - Rima Grigorieva, in Dagestan - we employ Shevtsov Eugene, Ibragimova Luiza and in Grozny - Taysumova Luiza – pediatrician, who is working actively. We are talking about existing regional representatives, who work in the above mentioned regions. We have already involved Baku (Azerbaijan) and Georgia will soon join our team. We are expanding and are constantly in touch. In addition, we have experts who can travel to any region, if it is necessary.


-       = In reality, it is possible to talk with you endlessly and you always have something to say and to share with everyone your experience, but we have to finalize somehow today's conversation, conclude it. Lyubov, tell me - how do you imagine the future of Diacom in 10 years?


-       = I think that already in 5 years everything will be changed rapidly, the company has released a wide international market and increase its rating and level, becoming a part of the world of international diagnostic devices. I believe that now it is just trial, introduction stage ... But in the future, these devices will be needed by medical diagnostic and therapeutic facilities. Many of my friends and fellows have these devices at home. And I think it's a great step taken for primarily preventive healthcare. State program "Health protection of the healthy people" partially is fulfilled thanks Diacom devices, because they can warn in advance of malignant tumors, cardiovascular abnormalities, and, thanks to this, we can identify a few daysearlier an infarction state, which is very important. There was even a case of the daughter of my colleague - when we diagnosed by all indicators the coming infarction, although the patient felt fine and did not feel pain in the heart, however, after 10 days, a woman fell in intensive care with a heart attack... Now we have learned how to identify symptoms and help to recover. I believe that every healthy and loving himself human being must take care of itself and check the organism state in advance regularly, rather than wait for the deterioration of the condition and appearance of the disease. In addition, we have a number of small devices which are not less effective, mainly for home use ... In the center we are consulting, and in the house itself people provide treatment. We are talking about FREQ-Home-PC, Personal. We have also a situation referred to the usage of small devices. We have one client, whose mother had tuberculosis and all family members were also at group of risk. Mother was lying than in the hospital, and the rest of the family had to go to hospital for further checks for the presence of tubercle bacillus. When she came to us with this problem, we found the tubercle bacillus and offered treatment by means of  SOLO-FREQ-Personal. The family did treatment for a month and all were eventually deregistered by tuberculosis... For sure, they will give you an interview as well…


Believe me, if we were not limited in time - this fascinating dialogue-interview would hardly ever ended. Lyubov has many incredible stories and each story is no less interesting and valuable... And you want to listen them without stopping. Each spoken phrase from her side once again confirms the fact how important for her is just a common desire to help absolutely everyone and no one to ignore than. One more time – thank you very much for this conversation. For sure, it is only the first one, but not the last… See you soon!