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The DIACOM-SOLO-FREQ-Personal device is registered and has obtained certification as a generator of low voltage of electromagnetic waves. The device has passed all tests, including electromagnetic security, environmental harmlessness and safety for people and animals.

Externally the device is a rectangular box with two LED indicators on the front panel, connector for the power supply which is designed for recharging the device and bores for connecting cables FREQ. The main difference of the device – it has its own display and there is no need to connect to a computer. The display shows information about the condition of the device, as well as the information about the generated frequency. On the front panel of the device there are also available 5 control buttons arranged as a joystick. The dimensions of the body of the equipment have irregular form: 160 (length) x 94 (width of upper part) x 65 (width of bottom part) x 19 (height) mm . In the back bottom part of the body is the battery section The set of equipment include, in addition to the main unit, power supply and cables FREQ. The device delivers in a reusable cardboard box. Inside the main unit there are: radio-electronic circuit board with components – including scheme of control of power supply from external source, the scheme for displaying the information on the LCD display, as well as the scheme for generating low-voltage electromagnetic waves.

The generator is designed for exposure to microorganisms and primarily on pathogens. With this device it is possible to produce the cleaning of liquid preparations from various pathogenic microorganisms, bacterias and viruses. At the same time generated electromagnetic frequencies by device are selective and have effect on certain group of microorganisms.

Technical specifications of the device:

  • Power supply – two rechargeable batteries – type AAA.
  • Feeding voltage - 9 V;
  • Current consumption - up to 300 mA;
  • Range of evaluated frequencies 1Hz- 1MHz;

Interface of the device DIACOM-SOLO-FREQ-Personal:

  1. Selecting a preset mode

    - Make sure that the indicator is on the line Mode. Press Enter.

    - UP / DOWN - change the value of the discharge, LEFT / RIGHT set discharge

    after selecting the mode, press Enter.

    - Now you must enter the duration of work by the same way

    - Press the button RIGHT. If everything is alright, the device will display «Running ..»

    To stop execution click ENTER.

    If the device is powered by batteries, for saving the charge during the execution - display is extinguished.

  2. Record of your own regime

    - Leave the Mode value of 000. Using UP / DOWN, go to the settings of frequencies

    - Set the frequency 1 - ENTER + input value + ENTER

    - Set the frequency 2 - ENTER + input value + ENTER

    - Press the LEFT. The device will offer the mode number to save starting with 501. Press ENTER. If there was a word SAVED, then the mode was saved. If ERR – it means you are out of free memory (100 modes), save your regime under the number of the previous one, which you do not use.

  3. Settings of the device

    During power-on, hold the button ENTER. You've come to the setup menu.

    To start, select your language . The default setting is English (ENG) which is possible to change to Russian (RUS) and Czech (CES). After the transition to the line of the language settings, press ENTER, the selection of the current language will disappear. Using the UP and DOWN buttons, select the desired language and press ENTER.

    Now you have to choose the type of your battery. The default setting is 2000 mAh.

    If you want to lose your settings and delete your saved modes, use the option "Delete User Data"

    To exit to main selection screen you can do via menu EXIT

Status of the LED indicators:

Blue is flashing Generation is launched
Blue is illuminating Device is discharged, batteries need to be recharged
Red is flashing Batteries are recharging

Operation features:

  1. For effective recharging, set the button of the battery power to position OFF (Off)
  2. If you do not want to recharge the batteries, after the completion of the work, unplug the device.
  3. During initial charging of the heavily discharged batteries the device can not start, in this situation you must either wait for the batteries to recharge, or remove them from the bay and restart the device by plugging it in.