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1. Enabling and disabling

To enable hold the power button until you hear a beep.

To disable the device is possible in two ways:

1. Through the menu: After a brief pressing the power button menu appears where the item is «Power off» (Power off)

2. Hold down the power button for 2 seconds. After the button is released the device will be disable.

2. Adding a mode to the list to perform

We will be in the list of modes for generating after enabling the device, there is a battery indicator in the upper right corner of the window.

This window contains buttons






To add a mode for generating press the "Add" button. A window will appears the add mode.

Modes thumbed through by mode selector buttons at the upper of the window

Select the desired mode from the list

Then you need to choose the type of wave for generate. There are 3 types of waves:

Then select the generation time in seconds. After that, push the "Enter" button.

3. Adding a users mode

Push the "Add" button. A window will appear with the add mode (see paragraph 2).

In this window, press the button . Go to the window for adding a users-mode

In this window you need to enter 3 parameters:

The name of your mode and two values of frequency. For entering names use the alphanumeric keyboard:

- Enter the name of the mode

To type the required character, hold the button with the desired letter until the desired character appears. Name length is limited to 20 characters. To save the entered name, press the "Enter" button

- Input frequency values is made similarly, but using numeric keypad

the maximum frequency 999999 Hz, minimum 1 Hz.

After entering all the values for saving mode press the "Enter" button Your mode will be added to the end of the modes list. If in the selector modes choose the modes 1-4 then its enough just to press , button for move to the users modes.

4. Save/Load the modes list

After adding a few modes you can save this list for a quick recovery in the future. You can save up to 40 lists of modes.

To do this:

- press on the "Save" button . And go to the saving list (client) screen

- Select "Empty slot" for saving

- Enter the name of the Saved list (Client) using an alphabetical keyboard similar to item 3.

To save the entered name, press "Enter"

To download the desired mode list:

- press the “Load” button

- select the right item from the saved list (client)

- press "Enter"

5. Instrument setup

To navigate to the settings:

- go to menu by briefly pressing the enable button

- press the “Settings” button

The following screen will appear:

Here you can select the interface language, orientation of the derivation and also to look at the serial number of the device.

6. Touch screen calibration

If you have problems with the push buttons on the display, you can use the touch screen calibration. To do this:

- Click on any place of the display

- Without lifting your finger from the display, press and hold the power button

You will see a black screen with text «Touch screen calibration».

Your task is to click on the red circles as accurately as possible

7. Charging and software update of the device

The device can be recharged from a standard computer USB port or from a power source corresponding nominal value of 5 V and having the appropriate connector on the output.

For charging and updating the device uses a standart mini USB connector.

To perform the update of the device You will need to perform three easy steps:

• To install the driver software of the device by downloading it from our official site:

• Then download and install the program update device

• Then run the update program Diacom-Updater and it automatically connects to the device, the device checks for updates and prompts you to install updates if they are available.

«!»Be aware that when connecting to a computer or charging device unit changes the response time for pressing the buttons on the touch panel.