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FREQ generators represent a device, which reproduce low-frequency electromagnetic impulses by small amplitude from 5 to 12 volts by the command of the controller. Devices are basically designed to kill microorganisms in different environments, consisting of a minimum of 30 % of the water. The presence of the water ensures the electrical conductivity, respectively the delivering of the information from the generator to the cells of microorganisms. When electromagnetic fields of the specific frequencies affect the final cell, the resonance oscillation occurs and as a consequence , the destruction of the membrane.

To select the correct frequency for generatiton it is necessary the required external program on the computer, as some types of the devices are controlled by computer. For this purpose, the company has developed this program that contains a list of frequencies of resonance oscillations of different microorganisms and cells, which can also control module FREQ of the generator of the devices. The program interface is quite simple and comprehensible.

In addition to the increased frequency list, the program also has the functions of maintaining a database of exposure sessions, representing a set of preset frequencies, as well as a database of customers for whom these sessions were preinstalled. These preset frequencies or sessions are stored in a database and can be recalled at any time from the list.

Minimum PC configuration recommended for further usage of the program:

  • Personal computer or notebook
  • Processor Core i3 1.8 GHz (1800 MHz) and more
  • Operative memory RAM 4 GB and more
  • Free space on SSD hard disk 10 Gb
  • Resolution 1366х768 High Color 16 bit
  • Monitor 15 or more
  • OS Windows 8.1 (64 Bit) or more
  • One available USB port


Update to version 3.13
Dear user!
The real up-dating one of the most significant in the history of the DAVO program. In this regard, process of up-dating will be the long and completely depends on the speed of your Internet channel. Also we shall pass several steps.
What new is in this up-dating that it is so important? First of all is a transition to new system of the database that allowed to solve the problems arising on the basis of Microsoft SQL Server. Further, the program found several important and necessary functions:
1. Redistribution of groups of microorganisms on different directories.
2. We added a feature for administration of clients, similar to URMIUM.
3. There is a possibility of Export and Import of Clients.
4. All your clients are protected from unforeseen deleting in connection with reinstallation of the database
5. There is a new picture and personal icons for start of each program.
Try our new software product and you will never be able to refuse it!
Yours Diacom team.
Update to version 3.12
In this up-dating we corrected connection protocols to the database. In case of the long inactivity from user side, the basis passed into the mode of switch-off and the program gave an error message. Also we improved the general stability of the program. This up-dating is the intermediate and doesn't add a special functionality to the program, but it is necessary for a stable program runtime!
Yours Diacom team
Update to version 3.11
In this update we have made significant changes in the database server, in order to save you from having to install SQL Server on your computer. Furthermore it should not be present in the list of programs for Diacom software.
Further we will provide you no more than one up-dating and not more often than once a month. But it will be good updates. We returned group of frequencies, added the ability to restore old listing, there is the opportunity to Supplement the list of frequencies with frequencies of the Detoxication 1 and 2 and many other things. Download and set the Diacom-FREQ-Davo updating and estimate novelties of its interface and opportunities. Don't forget to update also the Diacom-NLS-Urmium program if you use it. There is also a row of changes and the main thing is a transition to new system of the Database server.
Dear friends, users of the Diacom technologies and future clients, from now on each up-dating of software products of Diacom-NLS-Urmium and Diacom-FREQ-Davo will affect also the devices Diacom-SOLO-FREQ-Personal-Medio and Diacom-Plazmotronic. So, update the devices by means of the Diacom-Updater program. Oh, and also don't forget that up-dating won't be successful if you didn't set the drivers of the updated devices beforehand!
With New Year 2016, dear friends!!!
Year of novelties from the Diacom-Technology!
Update to version 3.8
Your Diacom Team!
Update to version 3.4
* It was added a "Pause" button which allows to suspend the effect
* At the end of the list of impacts, program informs us about this by the pop-up window
* Internal changes of the automatic updating module
* Localization
* Updated server MSSQL EXPRESS 2008 R2 SP2