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After the moment when the company Borland stopped supporting database server, which was used by the program Diacom-NLS and its modifications and than subsequently stopped to exist, there was a problem of the stability of the dBase server and security of the data hidden in it. At this moment the necessity of global changes has come, including the database itself. After a long-term search it was decided to use the most reliable in operating system Windows – the server MSSQL. This decision was connected to the fact that any changes of the OC Windows, Microsoft will adapt to its server MSSQL. Than, it was necessary to change data to the format of the server MSSQL. But it was not the only problem, along with the new appeared features, there are certain difficulties. It was necessary as well to change the language environment, in which it would be possible to create new program with application of all the new features and facilities provided by the new language. Previous version of the program used limited resolution of the interface in the format 1024х768. New language environment allows to forget about limitations of the resolution of the program interface, makes it more flexible, conforming to the resolution of the computer monitor.

It is also appeared an opportuity to use new methods of claims in database, which allows to the program expand the range of program functions, which is for sure positive for users. The program included new features and are extended the old ones. The database was extended as well and in the current moment has capacity about 540MB.

As well as previous version Diacom-NLS-Nexus, the program Diacom-NLS-URMIUM was determined the carrying out the energetic evaluation of the activity of the human electromagnetic field in the environment in order to improve its condition and resistance to external aggressors.

The program also applied the mathematical models, which allow to carry out the visual assessment. Features of this evaluation is the subject of an additional training course.

At first glance, it seems that the interface is complicated, but it is only at first glance. The program is fairly easy in its operating and has a lot of different facilities. For the first time it was applied the technology of automatic scan, which allows to the operator to do a little to get the final result. There is also a system of “interactive selection”, which allows operatively assess the evaluation of the state of energetic activity of the wave characteristics of the human body in active environment and to select a complex of biological additives for its correction and rehabilitation.

Minimum PC configuration recommended for further usage of the program:

  • Personal computer or notebook
  • Processor Core i3 1.8 GHz (1800 MHz) and more
  • Operative memory RAM 4 GB and more
  • Free space on SSD hard disk 10 Gb
  • Resolution 1366х768 High Color 16 bit
  • Monitor 15 or more
  • OS Windows 10 (64 Bit) or more
  • One available USB port



Update to version 4.13
Dear user!
The real up-dating one of the most significant in the history of the URMIUM program. In this regard, process of up-dating will be the long and completely depends on the speed of your Internet channel. Also we shall pass several steps.
What new is in this up-dating that it is so important? First of all is a transition to new system of the database that allowed to solve the problems arising on the basis of Microsoft SQL Server. Further, the program found several important and necessary functions:
1. Possibility of a rapid test for food compatibility.
2. A possibility of the instantaneous back coupling with support desk directly from the program in different situations.
3. Division of groups of microorganisms according to different directories.
4. The feature for carrying out group DC Harmonization is added.
5. A possibility of lifting of restriction on the number of the carried-out META-harmonizations.
6. Now you can change color of texts of Groups of Standards directly in the Analysis window, without passing into a settings window. It is enough to click a right mouse button directly on the necessary group and to select the necessary color.
7. Also, we facilitated carrying out NLS of the analysis for group of the Biochemical homeostasis, now you will be able to do it in an automatic mode with use of the Auto-NLS button
8. All your clients are protected from unforeseen deleting in connection with reinstallation of the database
9. There was a new picture and personal icons for start of each program.
Try our new software product and you will never be able to refuse it!
Yours Diacom team.
Update to version 4.12
Dear friends,
In this up-dating we corrected connection protocols to the database. In case of the long inactivity from user side, the basis passed into the mode of switch-off and the program gave an error message. Also we improved the general stability of the program. This up-dating is the intermediate and doesn't add a special functionality to the program, but it is necessary for a stable program runtime!
Yours Diacom team.
Update to version 4.11
Dear friends,
In this update we have made significant changes in the database server, in order to save you from having to install SQL Server on your computer. Furthermore it should not be present in the list of programs for Diacom software.
Further we will provide you no more than one up-dating and not more often than once a month. But it will be good updates. For example, in the following up-dating we are going to add basis foodstuff for carrying out the analysis of food tolerance, and also to improve Chromotherapy. Also these innovations concern the Diacom-FREQ-Davo program. Download and set the Davo updating and estimate novelties of its interface and opportunities.
Dear friends, users of the Diacom technologies and future clients, from now on each up-dating of software products of Diacom-NLS-Urmium and Diacom-FREQ-Davo will affect also the devices Diacom-SOLO-FREQ-Personal-Medio and Diacom-Plazmotronic. So, update the devices by means of the Diacom-Updater program. Oh, and also don't forget that up-dating won't be successful if you didn't set the drivers of the updated devices beforehand!
With New Year 2016, dear friends!!!
Year of novelties from the Diacom-Technology!
Update to version 4.10
Dear friends,
in the real updating we corrected some technical errors, restored and added lists of standards of group Microorganisms and Helminths!
Enlarged the list of standards of Diacom-FREQ group
Yours Diacom team.
Update to version 4.9
We included a huge number of novelties and corrections in the updating 4.7, carried out combining of software products of Urmium and Davo that affected naturally to the database too. Unfortunately, in case of feeble connection to the Internet, there was a failure when anyone receiving the up-dating and its hindering a normal start of the program! In the real up-dating we quickly solved this problem and from now we give you the new up-dating!
Update to version 4.8
Dear friends,
In the real up-dating you receive:
1. Correction of a global failure in operation of a database which appeared after the last update (version 4.7)
2. Inundated transition to the Analysis window + is added
3. Additional corrections and adjustments of the general character.
Yours Diacom team.
Update to version 4.7
Dear friends, in this update you will get:
1. The test Guide function which intends for interactive help in the program intended for the help to our users in orientation in functions of the program. We will expand and support this function!
2. Function - Food tolerance which is intended for determination of products, the most suitable at the moment.
3. Improving of function of "Chromotherapy".
4. Comparative analysis by Ph.D. Morales – this function is directed on facilitation of understanding of a status of an organism in "the Analysis +".
5. The option of determination of a character by the principle of numerology, it is very convenient in case of the first acquaintance to your client.
6. One of the most principal innovations – Combining of a database of the Diacom-NLS-Urmium and Diacom-FREQ-Davo programs. Now all our software products including the devices Diacom-SOLO-FREQ-Personal-Medio and Diacom-Plazmotronic will have identical lists of the pathogens researched and other functions.
7. Possibility of the job of own names to the user modes is added.
8. Added the ability to define groups of virtual bodies to "Auto-scan".
9. The option of the printing and control by it, and also adding of information in archive is improved.
10. Adjusted option "Auto-models".
11. Expanded list of standards for the group Diacom-FREQ.
12. The filter by date in a reception window (a primary window of the program) is added.
13. Functionality and stability of the program is improved.
Thank You for being with us!
Update to version 4.6
Dear Friends!
We have improved our software again! At present, we have changed the current version by making the clearance of the program windows adapted for your monitors. Also, there are some improvements in basic code of the software to make your work easier!
Your Diacom Team!
Update to version 4.5
Dear friends,
We continue improving and getting better our software !
In the following software you will get :
*the possibility to change private data of the investigated
*we added the date in the printed reports in the lower part of the page
*during settings user's lists of scanning, there was added the picture of chosen organ
*the possibility of choosing groups of organs for autoscanning was added
*we have made improvements and changed some non-critical mistakes
Please, use our software adapted for your needs !
Your Diacom Team
Update to version 4.4
Dear friends, this update includes a lot of novelties and modifications. You will be pleased with new possibilities and the quality of new update's work! Diacom Team struggled to let you have maximum from this update! Wait for new updates and work more active with Diacom-NLS-Urmium, and we will be able to give you much more!
Thank you so much for being with us.
Your Diacom Technology Team!
Update to version 4.3
* Fixed a language bug
Update to version 4.2
* Fixed a language bug in the meridians window
Update to version 4.1
* Fixed minor bugs
* Improved algorithms to base access
Update to version 4.0
* Improved program code that ensures the stability and security of its work.
* Switched off the evaluation function of the conducted research in the settings menu of the program.
* Changed the basic principle of entering complaints to the program and their further save for next scans.
* Corrected the display of the position cursor in the main window in the client list.
Update to version 3.100
* Fixed bug when printing data after Auto Scan
* Added description of the products Biostar ORGANIX in English (English USA)
* Made significant improvements in general in the software core code
Update to version 3.99
* Fixed the calculation of mood coefficients when viewing them in a large window.
* When you save/restore clients, it was irrationally used RAM memory, which led in some cases to shortage of it. The situation is corrected.
* Added a new group of preparations BIOSTAR ORGANIX.
* Completed the database of the group "Starlife» by new products.
* Were introduced the meridians translations in Spanish, English and English USA languages.
Update to version 3.98
* Added a new module "Chinese meridians"
* When view a large version of the chart of the process in the analysis window were incorrectly transmitted coefficients while using adjustment/invert
* When using the option adjustment/invert in some cases, it wasn’t properly processed an etalon-object
* In the "Analysis +» window when displaying Vegeto-test was added the possibility of graph display of the process on which was made Vegeto-test
* In the analysis window was changed the color scheme of the chart display of scanning and of the selected process
* In the "Analysis +» window wasn’t automatically selected a sorting method
* Added a new option to sort by the coefficient of optimal distribution
* Fixed an error on which in the case of additional scan/control wasn’t saved a new list of complaints
* In the case of additional scan/control in some cases was not automatically updated a list of organs
* Changed the principle of running the program by placing any items in the report for further printing
* The algorithm of calculation of the scanned organs by its assessment was completed
* Was added a sorting field of the list of organs in the preview window of the client/patient
* Were also made many small corrections and eliminated a number of non-critical errors which are not included in this list
Update to version 3.97
* It was fixed an error in the user management window
* It was changed the scheme tinting of coefficients in the analysis window
* It was added language USA-English
* It was added the button "Invert all"
* It was added button "Adjust" to adjust the separately selected process (etalon)
* It was added a search box of the organ in setting up window of a new research
* It was added a link to the Facebook page in the main menu
* Selected colors for groups of etalons are now saved for each user individually
* In the window of coefficient analysis appeared coefficients of entropy indices after you exit the entropy analysis window
* It was fixed an error in the Automatic analysis from Localization window, after you select a client in the search window
Update to version 3.96
* A new sorting of virtual models by catalogs
* In the coefficient window was added a possibility of simultaneous selection of all groups of etalons, as well as simultaneous deselection of all selected etalons
* It was added the function of automatic counting of different pictograms of scanned virtual models of organs with their sorting, as well as automatic organs counting by their functional strength in the setting window of research
* Languages were updated
* It was added the function of user feedback
* The "Pause" button in the scan window changes its text and it depends on its state
* When you first log into the window of coefficients, it was fixed the error of the name display of the current virtual model of the organ
* It was improved the stability of the program functioning
Update to version 3.95
* It was added a coefficient of optimal distribution to the overview window and to localization window
* In the overview window and localization window of scan are divided by colours depending on the value of the coefficient of optimal distribution
* It was fixed an error of the display list of customers in spite of the setting of the display list
* By updating program, now are not overwritten administrator settings
Update to version 3.94
* It was added an option of color selection of groups of etalons
* It was fixed an error connected with downloading clients data from a file
* It was fixed an error referred to clients search
* It was fixed an error in the NLS analysis window
Update to version 3.93
* Grouping by colour «Group of etalons»
* It was added the option of display the groups "Pathology" and "Nosological forms"
* It was corrected the mistake referring to the display of the list of clients in the main window
* Minor technical errors were corrected
* Mistakes in the system of security were fixed
Update to version 3.92
* It was improved the system of firmware updating of devices, moreover it was moved the server with the data for firmware updating of devices to a new hosting
* It was corrected the mistake that appears in the restoration of the clients
Update to version 3.91
* Hungarian language was added
Update to version 3.90
* Localization
* This update includes the option of hiding the client's list (To display you need to press Ctrl+Alt+Click by the mouse on the "eye" icon)
* Corrected some technical interface errors
* Added the function of setting user's list of organs by default