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Diacom Technology

Dear customers and users of our Diacom Technology products.

Please be informed that access to our website and our software products has been temporarily restricted due to technical reasons of our hosting provider.

As you know - Diacom Technology is a client of one of the largest and oldest hosting operators in Germany-Hetzner Online. Unfortunately, Hetzner Online had an emergency power outage in 3 data centers. In this regard, their backup power system (UPS) failed, which led to disastrous consequences - tens of thousands of servers were offline, including network hardware.

The company is trying to establish work, but after supplying power to the affected data centers, thousands of servers have not been able to start for various reasons (failures of PSUs, drives).

We make every effort to restore our services. For these purposes, we had to buy a new server from the Czech hoster Forpsi.

At the moment, access to our website has been restored, as well as to some of our software products. Until 9 o'clock Monday evening by Moscow time, full service will be restored.

We apologize to all our users and thank you for the understanding and support you have shown in this situation, which is not dependent on the Diacom Technology.

We hope that such situations will not happen again and will no longer fail. We will do our best to provide you with full access to our software and website as soon as possible in such cases.

With respect,
Yours Diacom Technology team