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Diacom Technology

The company Diacom Technology soon is going to celebrate its first important anniversary – a decade. Although it’s not saved in memory the exact date, it’s known the year – 2004, when the real magic has begun. So let’s see what everything started with. Believe us – the history of origin of the company in reality is extremely interesting and what’s important – it helps all visitors of this page get closer to the policies and to the main idea, which for a decade has been driven the company Diacom. How it all began? As we have mentioned earlier, a company called Diacom appeared in 2004 in Russia. The main specialization was producing vehicles, specifically the control of the passive safety. But after a while the activity in this specialization has been suspended and the company started to develop electronic systems for measurement and control various physical and chemical parameters. Diacom is created by symbiosis of two words – “diagnostic system”, which later acquired more global sense. Now we can’t talk only about so-called diagnostic complexes (in other words , the diagnostic systems ), but a full diagnosis of the functional state of the human body with all the associated research. So let’s come back to the beginning. Year 2006, the city – Krasnodar, in this place it was an official launch of the production. The quantity of devices produced was about 30 units per month and it was a pilot model – Diacom-Lite-FREQ in version COM, which could measure the low-voltage electromagnetic fields, resonate them and pass the information throught the computer, and subsequently this permitted a deeper analysis. This model had a built-in generator, which served later as the basis technology of the Diacom-FREQ. In view of the fact that the most important for the company is constant improvement of quality and functionality of the produced technology, there was no exception in technology of the “Resonant detection and modulation of low-voltage electromagnetic fields”. This policy served as a starting point for the development of a more global specialization, including the most current at all times – medicine. However, towards the goals and objectives planned, the company met with the complications of the integration of the products on the international market, including European Union, which definitely changed all the plans of the company and finally it was decided to organize the whole production abroad. After repeated visits to the Czech Republic in 2007 and an offer from the official distributor in the Czech Republic – Dr. Yury Trojan, the choice of the country was obvious. Production was started in order to simplify the delivery of the products to Europe and thus to other corners of the world. In such a way ,the production has been exported from the Czech Republic, not from Russia. In 2010 the company decided to open a company in Latin America, exactly in Ecuador. In order to simplify the procedures related to the new opening of the company and to accelerate this process in terms of law – the company Blueraysa S.A. came into being. Production was officially registered and everything started. Despite the apparent sucess in the production, due to political and personal circumstances of the owner of the company, it was decided to return to already known country – Czech Republic and till nowadays everything is happening here. Nevertheless it is not excluded launching the production in Portugal or Spain in the near future, and it is even possible again in Latin America, but not in Ecuador, but Peru. China and the United States are the countires which do not leave Diacom without proper attention. Nowadays collaboration with Ecuador has a representative character, in other words Ecuadorian company sells already finished products by Diacom.

The future plans of the company are really global and the current activity once again confirms that nobody will never stop after achieving the certain goal, it is all about perfection in everything and continual development. And even the difficulties associated with the organization of the market stabilization on the contrary strengthen the tasks and goals planned. Latest innovations include the stabilization of the training programs, where Diacom plans to control all the processes in cooperation with distributors, this action for sure will improve the quality of education and also the level of related services.

Even the global nature of the difficulties associated with the organization to stabilize the market, on the contrary strengthen the tasks and goals. Latest innovations include the stabilization of training programs where into control of Diacom fall training centers in cooperation with distributors, which certainly will improve the quality of teaching and the level of control of the related services.

What is today fundamentally distinguishes Diacom products from the similar products of the competitors? The answer is obvious and simple : the quality of manufactured products and strict quality standarts , which is evidenced by the presence of guarantees, because the manufacturer is known to all, and aslo the price that corresponds to the mentioned above quality, but still lower than the prices of similar products of competitors. These policies and standards allow the company to find its own niche in the market nad strengthen its position firmly. Of course, some companies try to counterfeit, but a wide range of manufactured products and the latest innovative technology do not leave a chance to competitors and counterfeiters.

What are the company's plans for the future? Certainly continue producing at the proper level and at the near future expand its product line . Next goal is to develop and maintain the organization of the concomitant production , in other words, the production, which at all the maximum will support basic specialization. It may seem surprising, but the company plans to return to the automotive industry and create a road safety control system.

Thanks to established policies and principles within the company, which it adheres , we can certainly confirm that the company's future will be even more saturated, interesting and full of new discoveries. After all the human factor plays an important role and support, not only technical, of active users - is a guarantee of long-term cooperation based on trust and mutual understanding.