About the company

Diacom Technology has been the market leader in bioresonance technology for many years. Thanks to our developments, thousands of lives have been saved. The company's experience in developing know-how is ahead of time by decades, and the name of the company does not give rest to many falsifiers around the world. It is this fact that becomes the main thing when promoting fake products and fakes to the bioresonance technology market.

Diacom Technology is constantly trying to protect users from the purchase of low-quality and fake devices posing as state-of-the-art diagnostic devices, which are not. This information is communicated to users through information through their own media resources, as well as through the filing of various complaints of trading platforms, such as eBay, AliExpress, Taobao and others, where counterfeits of original products are sold in large quantities, which do not perform the necessary function of basic devices, but only imitate their functionality.

The company is dynamically developing and developing products. Diacom devices are constantly updated and a newer functionality is being introduced into them. Our own software is also dynamically developing in all areas.

However, a huge amount of misinformation of users by the company's former disgraceful distributors and retailers, as well as former dishonest employees who failed to deceive our company and potential customers on our behalf, forced the creation of a new site, the purpose of which is not only the technical equipment of products, which is produced by our company, but also a demonstration of the loyalty and ethical commitment of the company to users, partners and colleagues around the world.

We will continue to develop our technologies and will try to give you the best. We always care about your opinion and your wishes regarding the development of our company.

For a more fruitful development of our technologies and their promotion all over the world, we invite everyone to cooperate, ready to join the ranks of a strong and responsible company, whose age is already more than 15 years of stability and innovation!

Welcome to our ranks - welcome to the leader of patented bioresonance technologies.

Welcome to Diacom Technology