We present to your attention the innovative device Diacom-SOLO-FREQ-Personal-Medio2-Magneto, which has been developed using state-of-the-art technologies and is designed for effective work with pathogenic microflora and microorganisms in various media, including liquids with a minimum of 35% water content.

Devices of this type have been designed with the main goal of combating microorganisms in media with a water content of at least 35%. The presence of moisture plays a crucial role as it ensures electrical conductivity and the transmission of information from the generator to the cells of microorganisms. By subjecting end cells to an electromagnetic field of specific frequency, resonant vibrations occur, resulting in the breakdown of cell membranes.

This small and compact device is powerful in its ability to destroy microorganisms that can be the cause of various diseases. Its wide frequency spectrum is capable of effectively neutralizing pathogenic microorganisms by subjecting them to a disruptive electromagnetic field. This portable device does not require a computer for operation and can work autonomously for up to 13 hours (in the latest version). Imagine being able to combat microorganisms anywhere with a portable device that conveniently fits in your pocket, offering long autonomy and many other advantages supported by the modern DIACOM TECHNOLOGY®.

The Diacom-SOLO-FREQ-Personal-Medio2-Magneto device has received certifications from leading organizations, confirming its status as a generator of weak electromagnetic waves. This device has successfully passed comprehensive tests, including tests for electromagnetic safety, environmental friendliness, and safety for humans and animals.

The device's appearance exudes elegance. The compact box is equipped with a larger display, two LED lights on the side panel, a USB port, and a dedicated port for FREQ cables. The device has dimensions of 150x90x25 mm, comfortably fitting in your hand. The package includes the base unit as well as a USB cable and FREQ cables. The device is delivered in a stylish original case. Inside the base unit, a radio electronics board with components is located, including a system for communication with a personal computer, a display, a lithium-polymer battery, and a circuit for generating weak electromagnetic waves.

The generator is intended for acting on microorganisms, especially pathogenic microflora. With the Diacom-SOLO-FREQ-Personal-Medio2-Magneto, various liquids can be effectively purified from pathogenic microorganisms, bacteria, and viruses. The generated electromagnetic frequencies are selective and targeted towards specific groups of microorganisms.

For communication with a computer, the appropriate driver needs to be downloaded and installed. The device is fully compatible with open-source software. We strongly recommend using the DIACOM-GENERATOR program for maximum efficiency when working with the device.

Technical specifications:

- Power source: USB port of the computer;

- Voltage: 5 V;

- Current consumption: up to 300 mA;

- Range of generated frequencies: from 1 Hz to 1 MHz;

- Connection speed: up to 1 MHz.

This new version of the Diacom-SOLO-FREQ-Personal-Medio2-Magneto is equipped with a Magneto module intended for generating a magnetic field at a specified frequency. The device now features a larger display for more comfortable information viewing. The device's memory has also been expanded to accommodate more data and programs. One of the key innovations is the ability for users to replace the battery themselves, ensuring convenience and prolonged device lifespan.

* Diacom Technology® offers a 2-year warranty for this device. However, the warranty does not cover the battery or technical damages to the device caused by falls or other forms of user impact.

** Batteries that may be included in the package or are part of the device have a usability period of 6 months. Batteries are consumable materials and are not covered by the warranty, just like the included cables and accessories.

** The price does not include training and technical support.