The need to create remote scanning systems arose before our company, but now, during the pandemic, this issue is as acute as possible. Dictated by modern trends in the development of remote testing and analysis systems, as well as the need to introduce new protocols, prompted us to innovate in the production of a new device - Diacom-Satellite. This instrument is based on our development based on telemedicine research.

This device is capable of receiving data from bioinductors and transmitting it over the Internet using the fastest data transfer protocols to the mother base with which it has a corresponding connection. At the same time, the operator, being on another continent (!), can work with information as if a scan occurs in the local position of the operator. The device is not intended for medical purposes, but, like the Diacom-Lite-FREQ device, it can help detect negative geomagnetic anomalies, pathogenic microflora and other negative factors that can affect the normal functioning of our body.

With the help of the Diacom-Satellite machine you can avoid visiting the office of a specialist and organize a scan of the above negative factors in a comfortable environment for the client. This is often very necessary, given the fact that the issue of remote scanning was quite relevant before the pandemic occurred.

Today, as always, we offer our customers and users the very best that we can do - our original technologies, based on our own developed technologies, which are patented and registered according to established international standards and rules.

The new machine will dynamically develop, gaining more and more opportunities!

And we, in turn, will try to disappoint you in the technologies developed and implemented by Diacom Technology.

* The price does not include training and technical support.

* Diacom Technology® provides a 2-year limited warranty for this device, which does not cover batteries, cables and other consumables, as well as mechanical failure of the device caused by a fall, shock, ingress of various liquids into the device, or other types of impact on the device by users.