FREQ generators are devices that reproduce low-frequency electromagnetic pulses with a small amplitude from 5 to 12 volts at the command of the controller. The devices are mainly designed to destroy microorganisms in various media consisting of at least 30% water. The presence of water provides electrical conductivity and consequently the delivery of information from the generator to the cells of microorganisms. When an electromagnetic field of a certain frequency affects the final cell, a resonant oscillation occurs and, as a result, its membrane is destroyed.

To select the correct frequency for generation, an external program on the computer is required, since some types of devices are controlled by the computer. For this purpose, the company has developed a real program containing a list of frequencies of resonance oscillations of various microorganisms and cells, which is also capable of controlling the FREQ generator module of the devices. The program interface is quite simple and comprehensible.

In addition to the expanded list of frequencies, the program also has the function of maintaining a database of exposure sessions, which are a set of preset frequencies, as well as a database of customers for whom these sessions were pre-installed. These preset frequencies, or sessions, are stored in the database and can be invoked at any time from the list.

Minimum recommended computer configuration for running the program:

  • Personal computer or laptop
  • Core i3 1.8 GHz (1800 MHz) and more
  • RAM 4 GB or more
  • 10 GB Hard SSD Free Space
  • Resolution 1366x768 High Color 16 bit
  • Diagonal 15 or more
  • Windows 10 (64 bits) and above
  • One free USB port