The program Diacom-FastScanner was specially developed for the selection of dietary supplements, based on the results of the scanning of electromagnetic fluctuations, of different types and characteristics, in the field of the object.

In agreement with Finklub we enriched the program database with the products made by Finklub so that in future by means of the program was possible to select the best possible correlation of products (dietary supplements) made by this company for the best result!

Based on the results of digitization of Finklub products, we got great results, which proves the purity of these products and their quality!

Diacom recommends the use of Finklub supplements that have been matched with FastScanner!

This provides a double guarantee - from Finklub and Diacom known for their quality and popularity!

We invite you to try our software, which will help you to choose correctly the dietary supplements of the company Finklub for the best result and to use them in your every day life!

Your Diacom team.

Minimum recommended computer configuration for running the program:

  • Personal computer or laptop
  • Core i3 1.8 GHz (1800 MHz) and more
  • RAM 4 GB or more
  • 10 GB Hard SSD Free Space
  • Resolution 1366x768 High Color 16 bit
  • Diagonal 15 or more
  • Windows 10 (64 bits) and above
  • One free USB port