By numerous requests of our clients we have decided to adapt old software of the company - "Diacom-NLS-Nexus" to modern operating system and to optimize it for using with new database.

After Borland company stopped to support the database server which was used by Diacom-NLS and its modifications and also afterwards stopped its existence the problem with stability of the dBase server and security of data was appeared. It led to necessity of cardinal changes including those concerning the database server itself. After a long search it was decided to use the most reliable in the Windows operating system MSSQL server. This decision was due to the fact that with any changes in the Windows operating system, Microsoft necessarily adapts its own MSSQL server. Further it was necessary to export the data in the format of the server MSSQL. That was not the only problem, along with the new opportunities were also certain difficulties. It was necessary to change the language environment, in which it would be possible to write a new program, using all the features and tools of the new language. The previous program had a limited interface resolution of 1024x768. The new language environment has made it possible to remove the limitations on the interface resolution of the program, to make it elastic (flexible), adapting it to the resolution of the computer monitor.

There appeared an opportunity of application of new methods of query in a database, allowing to expand a range of abilities of the program, that is also positive for the user. New functions have been included in the program and the capabilities of the old program have been expanded. The database has also increased and is now about 540 MB in size.

As well as the previous version Diacom-NLS-Nexus, the program Diacom-Sinergus is intended, among other things, for the energy estimation of the human electromagnetic field activity in the environment with the purpose of its condition improvement and resistance to external aggressions.

The program also uses mathematical virtual models that allow a visual assessment. The peculiarities of this evaluation are the subject of a separate training of the program.

The program interface has not changed much, but this is only at first glance. The program is quite simple to operate and has a lot of different features. We hope that our users will appreciate our efforts and will be able to use this software as a starting point for working with the Diacom-NLS-Urmium program.

Minimum recommended computer configuration for running the program:

  • Personal computer or laptop
  • Core i3 1.8 GHz (1800 MHz) and more
  • RAM 4 GB or more
  • 10 GB Hard SSD Free Space
  • Resolution 1366x768 High Color 16 bit
  • Diagonal 15 or more
  • Windows 10 (64 bits) and above
  • One free USB port