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Diacom-Plazmotronic® is used to destroy pathogenic microflora and other factors that cause chronic and severe diseases before these microorganisms get into us and start their harmful activities. One of the most modern devices, bypassed its analogues in many parameters - Diacom-Plazmotronic®. His popularity runs ahead of him. And the results of its application are staggering! If you want to know how, email us and we will answer you! In today's world, there are health problems that are caused by pathogens and which are best suspended in the infancy. How can I help your body not to be exposed to viruses or bacteria without harming health? This problem is solvable now! Purchase Diacom-Plazmotronic® and protect yourself and loved ones from viruses, destroying them before they enter the body and cause disease. Based on the research of Nikola Tesla, Dr. Albert Abrams, Dr. Royal Raif, Dr. Hilda Clark and Dr. Georgi Lakhovsky, Diacom has created a new device Diacom-Plazmotronic® that produces specific radiation in the near infrared spectrum, combined with red and orange spectrums, which occurs when plasma is burned. It is easy to use and gives good results when exposed to the pathogenic microflora. The plasma generator, using special frequencies, is able to destroy microorganisms (pathogenviruses, bacteria, parasites, etc.) that are around us and can be the cause of various diseases. It can be used indoors for 40 minutes without stopping. The system presented to you is the result of many years of research. The need to develop this device arose as a result of numerous requests from our users to create a reliable tool capable of destroying microorganisms that the immune system is unable to fight. independently and which would not harm the body and did not disturb its biological balance. Diacom-Plazmotronic® is used to destroy pathogenic microflora and other factors that cause chronic and severe diseases before these microorganisms get into us and start their harmful activities. The device is indispensable for helping with the care of heavy or lying patients. You've probably heard of other plasma generators, but Diacom-Plazmotronic® is unique in its software based on the latest technological innovations. It effectively affects the pathogenic microflora in the room, thus affecting the improvement of health. The new Diacom-Plazmotronic®, includes Diacom-Technology's latest technology and innovations® and offers a variety of options, including the intensity, frequency, duration and power of the recreated frequencies, as well as the ability to apply an external source of pulses, despite its own generator.

Another significant difference of our product, making it unique - is the use of different types of plasma lamps. The Diacom-Plazmotronic plasma generator® has an Internet software update function that give the latest innovations used in this model of the device. We also want to remind about the high quality of products and warranty of Diacom Technology®, which has been operating on the international market for more than 12 years. Diacom-Plazmotronic specifications®: The weight of the device is built into a carry-on suitcase weighing about - 10 kg. Dimensions 550 x 225 x 295 Touch display. The lifespan of the plasma tube: min. 5000 hours of operation at a capacity of up to 22 meters (95% of tubes, practice at least twice as long) Updating the device's software over the internet. 1750 pre-installed programs. (in each new update, the list of preinstalled programs will be expanded) The ability to add your own programs. Create, save, and repeat the list of generated frequencies. Interaction with external frequency generators such as Diacom-SOLO-FRE and Diacom-Lite-FRE. The ability to control the generator through a personal computer (New). Multi-language interface (Russian, English, Spanish, Czech, Polish, Italian) is possible to add new languages as needed. Complete control of the generator from the computer and with its own controls. Diacom-Plazmotronic® can operate between 0.1 Hz and 1 MHz. Voltage: 110-250 IN AC 50/60 Hz. Power consumed: approximately 320 w (at 1 MHz) Frequency range: Low frequency interval: 0.1 Hz to 999.9 Hz. Manual frequency installation with precision to the thousandth Hz. Pulse duration 3 mx (microseconds). High interval: 1 kHz to 999 kHz. Manual frequency installation with precision to the thousandth kHz. Pulse duration is 200 ns (nanoseconds). Adjustable efficient power at all frequencies ranging from 80 w to 375 w Instant pulse power in high range: approx. 10,000 w Plasma burning temperature is approximately 2000 degrees Celsius. Diacom-Plazmotronic® fully complies with all current EU and Russian security regulations for high-voltage devices.

The Diacom-Plazmotronic plasma generator® is not intended for treatment or medical examination. It does not replace medical care. Neither the manufacturer nor the seller is responsible for the possible damage caused by the improper and unauthorized use of the Diacom-Plazmotronic plasma generator®. The Diacom-Plazmotronic plasma generator® is designed to kill microorganisms indoors, as well as to study the effect of light wave radiation by a plasma generator on pathogens (parasites, bacteria, viruses, mold, etc.). To work with the device together with your computer - you need to download and install the device driver. As well as the software - Diacom Generator. You can also download a program with a pre-installed list of frequencies that can destroy the pathogenic microflora in a directed way - Diacom-FREQ-Davo, the program is in constant improvement and adjustments. The program is copyrighted and has a certificate of registration of the software product in Russia. This certificate extends to the whole world and is a proof of ownership, is prohibited for copying, modernization and the like. You can read more about it in the Program section. How to install a driver. It's as simple as that. Once the driver is downloaded to your computer, just click on the file and run it. The installer window will open. Click on the button - "Next," the installation process will begin and at the end of the installation, you will see the end window, where it will be enough to press the button - "Ready." The installation has been completed. Diacom Technology® provides a basic 2-year limited warranty for this device, the warranty does not apply to technical damage to the device caused by the fall or other types of impact on the device by users.

* The price does not include training and technical support.

* Diacom Technology® provides a 2-year limited warranty for this device, which does not cover batteries, cables and other consumables, as well as mechanical failure of the device caused by a fall, shock, ingress of various liquids into the device, or other types of impact on the device by users.