Diacom-Lite-FREQ-Utium in Suitcase

Diacom-Lite-FREQ-UTIUM in Suitcase

175 000

The DIACOM-Lite-FREQ-Utium is registered by certification bodies as a combined measuring device that measures low-precision electromagnetic fields and a generator of low-precision electromagnetic pulses. The device has passed all tests, including on electromagnetic safety, on safety for the environment, as well as on safety for people and animals. Externally, the device is a rectangular box with three LEDs on the front panel and three connectors on one side and FRE's connectors on the back. The main difference from the DIACOM-Lite-FREQ-USB device is the presence of control on the output of FREQ', the ability to connect active Bioinductors, as well as the ability to update the firmware in on-line mode. The body size is 156 x 180 x 36 mm. The kit includes, in addition to the main unit, electromagnetic bioinductors, USB cable, electromagnetic reprinter in the form of a cup and cables FREQ. The device comes in reusable cardboard packaging. Inside the main unit of the device are located: electronic board with components - including a system of protection against hacking, communication system with personal computer, system for generating and detecting weak electromagnetic fields and scheme to generate low-precision electromagnetic waves. The device is primarily designed to study the dependence and effect of low-precision electromagnetic fluctuations on various areas of human and animal habitat, as well as the impact of these fluctuations on the human body. The machine's low-precision electromagnetic wave generator can affect microorganisms and primarily the pathogenic microflora in the course of its operation. Combining these two technologies allows for deeper research into the effects of electromagnetic waves on different areas of human and animal habitat. Free software can be used to conduct these studies. In particular, DIACOM-MONITOR and DIACOM-GENERATOR programs are designed to work with this device. To pair the device with the computer must has downloaded and installed driver. The specifications of the device: The power source is the computer's USB port; Power voltage - 5 V; Current consumption - up to 500 mA; The range of estimated frequencies is 1Hz-1MHz; Imposing measured frequencies on the electromagnetic component - 5.5 GHz; The range of generated frequencies - 1Hz-1MHz; Pairing speed up to 1MHz; Bioinductors are passive and active; Electromagnetic Reprinter is active with possible feedback.