A magnetic field generator designed to be exposed by electromagnetic pulses to pathogens. The DIACOM-Magneto-Modul peripheral device is designed to convert electrical impulses into an electromagnetic field and is registered by certification authorities as a generator of weak electromagnetic fields. The device has passed all tests, including on electromagnetic safety, on safety for the environment, as well as on safety for people and animals. Externally, the device is a box with two connectors on the side of the case, one of which is designed to connect the external power source, and the second - to pair with the devices DIACOM-SOLO-FREQ or DIACOM-LITE-FREQ or Personal MEDIO. 66.25x66,25x27.50mm. The device includes, in addition to the main unit, a power supply and a cable pairing the device with a generator FREQ. The device comes in reusable cardboard packaging. Inside the main unit are located: an electronic board with components - including a power control scheme from an external source, as well as a scheme to pair the device with the generator FREQ. The device is designed to reproduce the electromagnetic field of a given frequency under the control of an external generator FREQ. With this device one can make an impact on various pathogens, bacteria and viruses. The specifications of the device: The power source is an external unit; Power voltage - power supply 5-9 V; The capacity of the reproducible field is 0.15-0.20 TL.